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Anthiliawaters is a collective based on one simple need, a sound track for starting
your day. It’s the music score for that first cup of espresso, that hangover, or when
you are sitting there half awake eating toast trying to motivate yourself to go get
dressed for work. For those sexy moments that music these days just can’t give
you. Whatever the case maybe we are here for you. So relax and breathe deep as
we get you going. From the deep soulful intro track “The Glades” with it’s deep dub
baselines and sexy vocals welding themselves to a heavy electro-house grooves,
to the dark 808 sounds of “Midnight”, we will take you with us on our sound track to
life. Our one objective is to make moments not music for moments. So what is
Anthiliawaters? It’s sexy breakfast electro resistant to time coming from here and

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